Natural Medicine for the Oley Hills

What does a cheesemaker do to take care of her tired hands and aching back? 

Like many of you, I work with my body every day. I'm on my feet, lifting, moving, working hard. While I'd like to think my immune system is vigorous, I get to sniffling this time of year, and the common cold is not a friend to someone who needs to remain active for business to keep running. If I stop, the production comes to a halt. 

I find remedy and relief in Acupuncture and Chinese herbal therapies. These treatments are natural, they are rugged, and they are effective. And I've discovered them thanks to my partner, a local acupuncturist named Owen McPeake. 

I share this with you because Owen is in the process of launching a crowd-sourcing fundraiser to move his practice from the streets of Philadelphia to the hills of the Oley Valley where he grew up. Contributions to the campaign are rewarded with discounted treatments and herb formulas, and there's even a package for the "needlephobic" who would prefer a treatment consisting of herb formulas only. Owen will use the funds to curate an herbal pharmacy to serve this community. 

I invite you, my dear friends and followers in Berks County, the Lehigh Valley and beyond, to learn more about Owen's practice and his campaign at his Indiegogo site

And please join us in celebrating the launch of local and natural medicine in the Oley hills. On Sunday, November 15 from 1 to 3, we will be hosting an open house at our home and the site of Owen's practice studio. Mulled cider and, of course, Valley Milkhouse cheeses will be served. The address is 75 Orchard Rd, Fleetwood. To RSVP, email or call (484) 547-7999.

Posted on October 30, 2015 .