We are delighted to be making up holiday cheese gift boxes to order for your season's gift giving. The holiday set contains 3 of our locally crafted cheeses and a jar of spiced pear preserves: the perfect pairing. 

These local delicacies are wrapped up in a white window pastry box festively decorated with ribbon and fresh holly. The price is $35 and the cheese selections are yours.

Send us an email us with your order and we'll arrange the pickup (see order sheet below).

Happy holidays from the Milkhouse crew!

Cheese Selections

Clover / fromage blanc in plain or locally grown herb mix (rosemary, savory, thyme, lavender)

Witchgrass / pyramid shaped lactic soft-ripened cheese with charcoal ash

Honey Bell / button shaped lactic soft-ripened cheese with chamomile flowers

Thistle / creamy camembert style wheel with buttery, mushroom notes

Lady's Slipper / cider washed tomme with umami, barnyard flavors aged 2 months 

Blue Bell / stilton style aged 3 months, fudgy texture, savory, earthy notes

   +    Spiced pear preserves handmade by Buy the Farm using locally grown pears from Scholl's Orchards

Pickup Options

Easton Farmers Market: December 23 (or other Lehigh Valley pickup on Dec 21 if needed - just email us)

Clark Park Farmers Market: December 16 or 23

Covered Bridge Farmstand (home of Valley Milkhouse): any day from Dec 16 through Jan 1

Details we need from YOU:

1. Name

2. Phone Number

3. Email

4. Cheese selections (choose 3)

5. Pickup day and location